Dedicated to the protection of children from environmental hazards

The International Society for Children’s Health and the Environment (ISCHE) utilizes research, training, policy, clinical care, community outreach, and education to reduce the impact of adverse chemical, physical, biological and social influences on child health. Its members represent a wide variety of disciplines, and include epidemiologists, chemists, toxicologists, clinicians and public health practitioners, policymakers, community leaders and students.

The rapid progress of research in children’s environmental health has been fueled by a new understanding of children’s unique vulnerabilities. The development of biomarkers has allowed us to link many exposures to environmental toxicants with disease and disabilities in children, but action to prevent harm from these hazards often has lagged behind the scientific evidence. ISCHE asserts that an integrative approach is needed to address cumulative exposures of children that may also affect their health as adults, as well as that of future generations.