2017 ISCHE Retreat

ISCHE Writers and Advocacy Retreat
Whidbey Island, Washington USA
August 7–11, 2017
Whidbey Institute, the location of our 2014 retreat, was a fantastic site for a relaxing and collegial meeting. Due to popular demand, we are returning to Whidbey for more informal networking and collaboration. August 7th to 11th, 2017 ISCHE will hold its first Writers’ and Advocacy Retreat.
The retreat will consist of scheduled presentations and discussions each morning and evening, Monday evening through Friday morning. One key focus will be on ways that ISCHE scientists can inform advocates and policy makers. Afternoons will be devoted to a variety of options, including meetings between collaborators, individual time to write, and spontaneous sessions organized by participants. Attendees can bring work in progress to the meeting, or join a group discussing others’ work. Three communal meals will be provided each day.
We encourage new faculty to participate in the Writer’s Retreat. Previous ISCHE meetings have had staff from EHP and NIEHS, editorial board members from other relevant journals, and members of professional and advocacy organizations in attendance. To complement sessions on an eclectic selection of hot topics, senior ISCHE members will provide their informed opinions and tested tips on topics such as: 
  • What do reviewers and editors want to see in a paper?
  • What do study section members and NIH staff want to see in a proposal?
  • How do I choose a journal?
  • How do I write for or with a group?
  • How do I write for the public, or congress, or an advocacy group?
  • How do I conduct meaningful or consequential research?
  • How can ISCHE provide meaningful scientific perspectives and educate policy makers about key scientific discoveries?


The Writers and Advocacy Retreat will consist of less than 30 participants. The cost will be $850 inclusive of lodging, meals, and snacks. This is the only ISCHE meeting that will be held in 2017. 
We are inviting support from registrants to build a scholarship fund. If you are able to contribute, we welcome this support to enable the participation of emerging leaders and international participants who may not be able to join us without this support. If you are in need of scholarship support to participate, please reach out to Jennifer Ames.
It is the best of all worlds - great science, a collegial environment, and the opportunity to advance projects on your list. Those who were at our first ISCHE retreat at the Whidbey Institute know that it is an amazing place to foster your creative energies and enjoy delicious and healthy food. Attendees of either of our first two meetings know that they were filled with amazing accomplished, creative, and passionate participants. For those who were not at Whidbey Institute last time, you can take a look around at http://whidbeyinstitute.org. 
To register, please visit https://www.regonline.com/wi_ische_2017.

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