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In December 2017, the International Society for Children’s Health and the Environment joined other plaintiffs - the Physicians for Social Responsibility, National Hispanic Medical Association and  several academic researchers - to rescind the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directive (issued on October 31, 2017) that bars recipients of EPA grants from serving on EPA federal advisory committees.

You can read more about the case here: In 'defense of science,' researchers sue EPA over move to overhaul advisory boards (Washington Post, Dec 21, 2017).


In November 2017, ISCHE became a signatory to a declaration from a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences “Our Planet, Our Health, Our Responsibility.” You can find it at:

ISCHE Statement on US Withdrawal from Paris Agreement (6/2/2017)
Dear Members,
Yesterday, President Trump decided to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Accord. This decision, which is short-sighted and shows disregard for scientific evidence, sacrifices the health of future generations. Those of us in children's environmental health have long accepted the scientific reality of climate change as well as the urgency to stop or reverse climate change to protect children around the world. Increases in floods, temperature, infectious diseases, aeroallergens, air pollution, limited food supplies, and conflict and migration are just a few of the factors that have been associated with climatic changes.  Children, who are often the most vulnerable of the population, will be most affected.
President Trump's decision is a setback for the world. We should not stand by idly. We encourage our members to protest this decision and support actions or research to curb climate change. We must protect our children--as United States President Kennedy said "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."
Mark Miller, President ISCHE, 
Bruce Lanphear, President-Elect ISCHE, and Brenda Eskenazi (ISCHE Councilor) on behalf of the ISCHE Council

Vision Statement 


Children are essential to our future and the continuation of human life. Children around the world are confronted by multiple environmental threats to health, including toxins, air pollution, psychosocial stress, and climate change. Infants and children are often exquisitely vulnerable to these threats; exposures during critical windows of vulnerability have been associated with a wide range of childhood diseases. Early life exposures can also increase the risk of chronic diseases in adulthood. To protect children from environmental threats to their health and to enable them to reach their full potential and become healthy adults, ISCHE calls upon societies around the world to take actions to safeguard children. All children, in every country and community, have a right to a safe and healthy environment to live, grown, play, and learn. ISCHE considers the protection of children’s health against environmental threats to be an ethical and moral responsibility.

Mission Statement

ISCHE is a private, non-profit society composed of children’s environmental health professionals with the goal of using research, training, policy, clinical care, community outreach, and education to reduce the impact of adverse chemical, physical, biological and social influences on children’s health. Its members represent a wide variety of disciplines, including epidemiologists, chemists, toxicologists, clinicians, public health practitioners, policymakers, community leaders, and students. ISCHE is well positioned to synthesize and translate the science of children’s environmental health to physicians, public health officials, policymakers and parents via position papers, technical reports and testimony. ISCHE is dedicated to supporting the career development and enhancement of professionals in the field of children's environmental health.

















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